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Value for money statements

What are these?

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Value for money is of paramount importance to Poole Housing Partnership.

At a time of significant investment in housing it is essential that the available resources are used wisely and to maximum effect.

We know that resources are going to become increasingly tight and that year on year efficiency savings are essential to our success.

Previously through the Gershon review and now through the annual efficiency targets from the Comprehensive Spending Review in 2007, the Government expects the public sector to achieve efficiencies of 3% in cash terms. Our focus is on improving services, year on year, and delivering more for less.

We aim to be one of the best service providers in the country, at the lowest cost possible, but without compromising on quality. A focus on quality and getting it right first time will help us to reduce ongoing revenue costs. Our Value for Money strategy below outlines how we do this.

Value for Money 

Value for Money Statement

Each year PHP produces a statement that sets out how PHP is achieving value for money by making the best use of the management fee it receives to provide the best quality service that it can to the residents of Poole.

Click the links below to see how we’ve done in previous years:

Value For Money Statement 2018-19

Value For Money Statement 2017-18

Value For Money Statement 2016-17

Value For Money Statement 2015-16

Value For Money Statement 2014-15



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