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The payment process

How it works

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If you have been asked to provide goods or a service to Poole Housing Partnership (PHP) and haven’t done so before or in the last 2 years, you will need to complete the Supplier eForm to enable payment to be made to you. Please follow this link to read about being set up as a supplier.

Once the goods or service has been completed, the invoice should be submitted to the person at PHP who placed the order. They will certify the invoice, marking it as ok to be paid and pass it to PHP’s Finance Team to be processed. Don't forget to complete the Supplier eForm. See signing up for further details.

Please make sure that the invoice includes a unique invoice number, invoice date, address and details of the goods/service provided, otherwise there may be a delay in making a payment.

The invoice will then be checked, logged and sent to the Creditors team at Poole Council who make the payments on our behalf. The payment run occurs once a week on a Friday, meaning BACS payments will be in the designated account by the following Wednesday.

Our standard payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

Within the eForm you will be asked to enter an email address which your remittance advice will be sent to following completion of your payment. This document will list references, invoice numbers, the amounts that have been paid and into which account

If you have any payment related queries for PHP invoices please contact our Finance team.



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