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RSS feeds from PHP

You can subscribe to a feed so that you can see when new articles have been updated or added to our website.

Feeds, also known as RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication, allow users to subscribe to updates from their favourite websites and to then view them in one place.

You will need a feed reader to read the feeds you have subscribed to. There are many different feed readers available but you will need to choose one that will work with your computer.

Internet Explorer 9 includes a feed reader that is located within the Favorites menu. A user just needs to click on the RSS icon in the website they wish to subscribe to and it will automatically appear as a feed in the browser's Favorite menu. You don't need to visit the website and search for new content it is delivered to you automatically through the feed.

If you do not have Internet Explorer 9 other feed readers such as FeedDemon can be downloaded to your computer. The user subscribes to a feed by entering the web address into the reader.

The feed reader checks the user's subscribed feeds regularly for new content and downloads any updates that it finds.

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