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Wise up to energy savings

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Tips you can do to change how you use your electricity and gas:

  • Close your curtains when you go to bed to contain thermal energy

  • Regularly turn lights off

  • Take a shower instead of a bath to save water

  • Only keep your room lights on if you are leaving the room for under 20 seconds

  • Do not overfill the Kettle as you are wasting thermal energy and water

  • Install a water butt to accommodate rainfall

  • Keep your doors shut to abolish draughts

  • Let the sunshine in instead of indoor lighting

  • Get everyone involved with saving energy (especially children)

  • Install a smart meter which tracks your home use of energy

At PHP we're trying to do our bit, installing PV and other alternative heating methods to help reduce our carbon footprint. So use your property efficiently, follow our energy saving tips and contribute to the bigger picture!

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