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PV installations

Helping you help the environment

Solar panels picture

Many PHP residents now enjoy solar-generated electricity, which in turn reduces their energy bills.

PHP partnered with local firms in the area to carry out the work. The project was initially funded by PHP but further installations were funded by a loan of £10 million following Poole Council (BCP Council) approval. 

Residents are able to use the solar electricity and reduce their energy bills and PHP receive the feed-in tariff income (FIT). This pays off the loan and provides an additional income which is used to invest in other energy efficiency improvements in the rest of the homes they manage.

If PV is fitted at your property, find out how it works and the potential energy savings, in Your PV handbook


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f you'd like to know how PV works, take a look at the great infographic below, kindly supplied by SaveOnEnergy.com

How solar panels work


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