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Tackling the Climate Emergency

Poole Housing Partnership (PHP) has taken steps to address the climate change issue and support the global actions being undertaken to reduce carbon emissions. You can read our 'Tackling the Climate Emergency' paper, which looks at how we will work to reduce emissions across our housing stock.


September 2021

Following publication of our ‘Tackling the Climate Emergency’ report earlier this year and the actions from this, the review and analysis of our housing stock has been completed. We now have the baseline position on carbon emissions, energy efficiency and future works required, to build on the excellent work achieved to date and further improve the quality and energy efficiency of our homes.

The Asset Management team will now address the work areas and measures identified, to build this into both the budget setting process and future works programmes for major refurbishments.

Further information from this report will be published soon, to illustrate the current position of our homes.

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