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Our dedication to improving services for those with Dementia

Poole Housing Partnership (PHP) is working hard to become a dementia friendly company. 

All of our sheltered housing staff have completed the 3 day training course “Communication and environmental awareness in dementia”, this course is based on the work of the renowned dementia specialist Dr Gemma Jones. Their skills and knowledge will regularly be updated and we are in the process of arranging training for all other staff working for us.

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Lyn Piper is the Dementia lead for the housing support team; she is also a Housing Locality Support Manager, Lyn is a member of the Poole Dementia Action Group. Lynn is based at Beech House.


All of our sheltered residents have a designated support worker who will complete a support plan with them and if identified that additional support is needed they will liaise with other agencies to ensure that this is put in place.

We work with our partners by ensuring that relevant information is recorded so that they are aware of any vulnerability prior to visiting a resident.

We are in the process of major improvements at our extra care scheme and this includes making the gardens friendly for not just the older person but for people with dementia too. The garden will include specific design features such as a looped path to accommodate people’s tendency to keep moving forward so they do not become ‘stuck’.

Some of the indoor improvements already made have included putting up dementia friendly signage at a height that is easy to see, this signage has clear writing and pictures. We have painted all resident accessible doors red i.e. toilets, hairdressing room etc. All three floors are different colours and free from clutter, these are all things that are recommended to assist people with dementia.

We will be starting to implement some of these changes on our other sheltered housing schemes where possible.


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