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Jo Gordon

A Resident's Pathway To The Board

“I had been on the BoP waiting list for 14 years, when we where offered a Sheltered housing flat. This is a wonderful and happy home, beautifully up kept by PHP.

Then I retired in 2012 after 47 years of working for the NHS. Within a year I wanted to be more involved with the local community. Tthen an article was printed in the “At Home” magazine, asking for anyone interested in becoming a tenant member of PHP’s Board of Directors.

I was very unsure of my ability to do this, as I had never worked in business before, but a few people persuaded me to go for it and this was good advice. Since then I have felt more self confident than ever before, I felt I could help others again and be part of a wonderful group of people.

The staff of PHP are a brilliant group, who go out of their way to try and meet the complex needs of their residents. Even though they are restricted by their income, they accomplish so much for local communities. This I know is due to all the many volunteers who give up their time to help in so very many ways and I am proud to be among them.”

Jo Gordon - Board Member


Block Promises

Block promises pic.jpg

So what are they?

Block promises have been used in other areas of the country for some time They are a way of recording the often unspoken expectation neighbours have about how they will treat the area and each other.

Although not contractually binding, they are agreed by all residents and the agreement does exert some power.

The agreements also let new residents know what the communities expectations are so they do not fall foul of them by accident.

Block promises flats.jpg

So far we have 14 block promises in place. Click an address below to find out what their block promise is:

2-18 Millfield

20-36 Millfield

21-43 Hasler Road

66a-66d Dale Close

131-147 Millfield

141-163 Hasler Road

1-17 Goathorn Close

1-25 Turlin Road

8-34 Keysworth Road

26-56 Turlin Road

37-59 Turlin Road

1-19 Perry Gardens

21-43 Hasler Road

If you would like to find out more, you can email your Housing Officer or telephone 0800 652 3900.


Celebrating Poole's community gardens

A Model Resident

Meet Alf, 87 and Ann, 81 from Selby Close

Alf & Annie web.jpg

Apart from the twinkle in his eye and a wonderful sense of humour, Alf also has a flair for making amazing models from matchsticks! We wanted to find out more about this talented chap. So a few weeks ago we caught up with him and here’s what he had to say.


Hello Alf, tell everyone a bit about yourself

 “I was originally an apprentice in the printing trade. I was then called up to do two years National Service, which everyone had to do back then. Following that I worked for Gifford’s Green Grocers in the High Street until I retired.”

What made you take up model-making?

“I was doing the lottery at the time, when I sawa picture of the Eiffel Tower and thought I’d like to build a model of that. so I bought a kit, completed it and caught the bug to do more."

I’ve now built four in total.”

Eiffel Tower 1 web.jpg

How long does it take to make a model?

 “I completed the Eiffel Tower in three months, the Taj Mahal and Notre-Dame cathedral in seven months and the Mississippi Showboat in two months.”

What is your next project?

“I’m currently working on an old American gold rush train.”

Is there a particularly difficult building you would like to attempt?

“Oh yes, I would really like to complete Buckingham Palace.“

...Ann added at this point that Alf likes a challenge!

Taj Mahal web.jpg

Do artistic talents run through the family?

“Actually I found out that my ancestor was the artist William Hodges, who accompanied Captain Cook on many of his famous voyages.”

Do you have any other hidden talents Alf?

 “Well, I’ve produced various pictures using scraperboards - drawing boards coated with white clay and a surface layer of black ink that is scratched or scraped away to produce an effect similar to engraving. I’ve built a wooden wall clock and in the past I wrote a few short pieces for BBC sketch shows.”

Notre Damme Cathedral web.jpg

It was at this point we noticed amongst the many family photos on their wall, a framed image of The Queen. Ann explained:

“As a surprise, our family sent off our marriage certificate to Buckingham Palace and the next thing we knew, a signed message and photo from The Queen arrived congratulating us on our 60th wedding anniversary.”

Finally, we asked them if they enjoy where they live. They both said unanimously:

“We love it. The neighbours are really great and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Mississippi Steamboat web.jpg
We wouldn’t want them to be anywhere else, either. They really are a lovely couple and Alf certainly embodies the saying that “You’re never too old to try something new.”

If you have a story or a hobby you would like to share, please contact Sandra Willson, Resident Involvement Co-ordinator on 0800 652 3900.

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