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Resident testing form for My PHP Account

Please complete all questions and provide any additional comments/information that may be relevant, as this will help us identify and resolve any problems should they occur.
Online account test form
1. CREATE YOUR 'MY PHP ACCOUNT' - Did you manage to create your account and receive an email registration confirmation?
2. LOGIN TO YOUR 'MY PHP ACCOUNT' - Did you manage to log into your account?
3. WELCOME PAGE - Is your name on the Welcome page correct?
4. REPORT A REPAIR - Were you able to open the Report A Repair Form on our website at www.yourphp.org.uk? (Please DO NOT raise a repair)
5. CONTACT US - Were you able to open the Contact Us page on our website at www.yourphp.org.uk?
6. ACCOUNT/MY DETAILS - Are your personal details correct?
Could you 'Edit your Account Details'?
Could you 'Update your Account Email'? (Only if you have an alternative email address)
Could you 'Change your Password' and log back in?
7. MAKE A PAYMENT - Could you successfully link to the BCP website where you could pay your rent? (You DO NOT need to pay your rent)
8. CHECK MY ACCOUNT - Are your Agreement details correct?
Are the balances on your account/s correct?
Are your recent transactions correct?
Are your household members correct?
9. MY PROPERTY - Are your property details correct?
Are your future appointments correct?
10. MY CASES - Are the details of your cases with us correct?
11. LOG OUT - Could you successfully log out of your account?
12. FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD - On the login page and the ‘forgotten your password’ link, could you reset your password? Did you receive an email confirmation to reset your account and could you log back in?
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