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How to get involved

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Our resident involvement opportunities include:

  • Becoming a resident member of our Board of Directors
  • Joining one of our 3 resident involvement panels
  • Training to scrutinise our services through our resident led scrutiny process
  • Getting involved in a working group

What we ask of you

  • To be a PHP tenant or leaseholder
  • To have some spare time to attend meetings, site visits or working groups
  • To be keen to understand more about the work we do
  • To work with us in a positive way for the benefit of all residents
What we offer you

  • To listen to your views
  • To offer opportunities to train and develop new skills
  • To meet and share your experiences with other residents
  • To value the commitment of residents who volunteer with us
  • To be able to apply for volunteer expenses as covered in our Resident Involvement Volunteer Expenses Policy

Contact Us

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Sandra Willson, Resident Involvement Co-ordinator
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01202 118720 
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