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Quit the habit - 8 tips to try

Beat smoking



Be positive

You may have given up before, but this time tell yourself you're going to do it.

Make an action plan to quit

Make yourself a promise, set yourself a date and stick to it. Don’t be put off by an upcoming special event or any other time you’d normally smoke.

Changing your diet

A study revealed that some foods, including meat, can make cigarettes more satisfying. Others, which include cheese, fruit and vegetables, can make them taste awful.   

Identify when you crave cigarettes

A craving can last up to five minutes. So before you give up, make a list of five-minute strategies to take your mind off the craving and keep your hands busy.

Get some quitting support

If friends or family members want to give up too, why not suggest you all give up together.

Get moving

A review of scientific studies has proved that exercise (even a five-minute walk or stretch) cuts cravings and may help your brain to produce anti-craving chemicals.

Make a list of reasons to quit

Keep reminding yourself why you gave up. Make a list of the reasons and read it when you need support.  

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