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Mental health and wellbeing

It's relevant to everyone, especially during these challenging times!

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Stress is a part of life but there are ways you can deal with it effectively!

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Check out the following links
for some really great help and advice:

Read, watch or listen to
everyday stories about
how people are living with
mental health problems

Action for happiness
a movement of people
committed to building a
happier society

"We want to make looking
after our minds as natural
as brushing our teeth"

SANE 'Black Dog Campaign' - Reduces the stigma surrounding mental illness

Top ten Mental Health Apps FREE for iphone and Android

Mental health podcasts            To help you relax and improve your sense of wellbeing

Wellbeing self assessment
How happy are you?

Wellbeing test
A quick and easy online test

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Ending the stigma

Spread awareness of mental health and help end discrimination. Time to Change is a good place to start, they even have some great ideas about how you can get involved. You can also download resources that include materials and toolkits so you can start raising awareness today.

What can my workplace do?

Why not check out Time to Change, they have some interesting ideas about how to bring the awareness into your workplace.

The Centre for Mental Health has some resources you might find useful regarding mental health and the workplace, including some suggestions about what you can do to maintain a healthy workplace and raise awareness.

How can I help in my community?

There are loads of opportunities to help out in your community, why not make contact with a local organisation. Whether you’re good at computers, baking, chatting, reading or listening, your local community will be all the better for your help.

Community Action Network


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