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Healthy eating on a budget

Healthy happy kids

We all know that eating a varied, balanced diet: 

Keeps you healthy

Makes you less likely to gain weight

Improves your energy release

We're also aware it can be expensive too. But take a look at the following apps and websites for some great money saving recipes. And if you've got any hints or tips that can be shared, let us know.

Free apps

Love food, hate waste

Enter the leftovers you have lurking in your kitchen and this great little app will come up with a suitable recipe. 

Riverford veg recipes

Spin the veg machine to select what you have in the fridge and you will get a list of recipes.(iphone only).


30,000 tasty recipes with a quick & easy section too.

Healthy virtually veg


Jamie Oliver
You can freeze all kinds of seasonings and ingredients so they last longer and are ready for use at a moment's notice!

Thrifty Lesley
1 person. 1 day. £1

We've amassed a great collection of ideas for cooking on a budget 

A girl called Jack
My £13.41 food shop for the week 

Heart UK
Tried and tested recipes that are low in saturated fat and heart healthy.

Good Food Channel
Healthy recipes that prove a healthy diet doesn't mean compromising on flavour




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