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Estate gradings

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PHP recognise the quality of your neighbourhood is extremely important. That’s why in 2020 we graded the majority of locations we manage against a range of criteria. This included litter, cleanliness and quality of green spaces.

The grading scheme has been very successful, allowing PHP to benchmark its performance against other organisations whilst enabling a greater focus of estate management and resources on those areas where it is most required. 

A copy of previous Estate Grading Reports are available in the Related Documents panel on the right. The reports contain details of the results of estate gradings, associated actions and conclusions drawn.  

Get involved 

Estate Gradings for 2022

Please find below a list of estate gradings to be carried out between January to June this year. If you would like to get involved, receive further information or provide feedback, please complete the online form or contact our Estate Services Team on 01202 123386.

Start time: 10:00am - 12:00 noon

12 Jan

Puddletown Crescent/Knowlton Road/Yeatminster Road

13 Jan
Vale Close

14 Jan
Trinidad Crescent, Hobbs Road, Kimmeridge Avenue, Tyneham Avenue, Worbarrow Gardens

2 February
Dale Valley Road/Dale Close/Old Farm Road/Kenyon Road/Kenyon Close and Enfield Crescent

4 February
Cynthia Close

25 February
Haskells Road, Blackburn Road, Cranbrook Road, Ringwood Road

18 March
Nelson Court, Grenville Court, Lagland Court, East Street, Lagland Street, South Road, Skinner Street 27-49

29 April
Sterte Court, Sterte Close

20 May
Malthouse, Guildhall Court, New Orchard, Cinnamon Lane

10 June 
Drake Court, Old Orchard) Puddletown Crescent/Knowlton Road/Yeatminster

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