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Electrical safety

  • UNPLUG appliances when not in use

  • ISOLATE any faulty switch or socket. Turn off the supply at the consumer unit. Unplug appliances and call us

  • DON'T touch bare wires or wet fittings. Turn off the supply at consumer unit

  • DON'T overload sockets. Use a multi-plug rather than an adapter

  • DON'T install new electrical fittings, e.g. showers without permission


Electrical Installations And Fittings

Not all homes have the same electrical installations, however using the information in this section will help you to describe defects or to understand if it is your responsibility.

Any appliances i.e. washing machines, kettles, fridges, etc. are your responsibility and should they cause a defect to the electrical installation you may be charged for the work to be resolved.


Should you wish to add or alter the electrical installation it is in your interest to use a qualified electrician.

Never attempt to carry out works of this nature yourself.

Never drill holes or knock nails into a wall above or below light switches or sockets. The cables to these will be just below the surface and if damaged can cause electric shock and sever damage.

Never use a fuse with a rating which is too high. Remember: If you change a fuse in a plug ensure it is of the correct rating for the appliance.




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