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Right to repair


What is the Right to Repair scheme?

The Right to Repair is a scheme to ensure that urgent repairs, those which affect your health, safety or security up to the value of £250, are carried out quickly and properly.

How does the scheme work?

You must first report the repair to us in the normal way by contacting the Helpdesk on 0800 652 3900 or by using our online form 'Report a Repair'.

If the repair comes under the Right to Repair scheme we make sure the contractor knows this and the time in which the repair must be done. If the contractor does not do your repair in the stated time you must tell us so we can get a second contractor out to do the work.

If the second contractor does not do the repair in the stated time, you will receive £10 in compensation. For every day you wait, you will receive a further £2.

The most compensation you can get for any one job is £50. However, if you owe us any money, we will deduct the amount you owe from the compensation.

The type of repair and the time permitted to complete the repair  can be viewed on the 'Repair type and times' page.


Are there any exceptions?

The following are some exceptions to the right of a repair:

  • A repair that will cost over £250

  • Where you don't let the contractor in

  • In shared areas in blocks of flats

  • Where you no longer want the work done

  • In exceptional cases of inclement weather

  • In cases where the associated work is under a particular contractors warranty

Also the scheme may be suspended in very rare situations such as work that is guaranteed by a builder or in severe weather conditions.

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