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Preparing for contractors


If any furniture needs to be moved or if floor coverings you have put down (for example, carpets, laminate, sheet vinyl) needs to be taken up, you should arrange for this to be done.

Contractors will be willing to help move some items of furniture providing this can be safely done. They may also remove floor coverings where you have not done so but will not put them back down. PHP or our contractors will not be held responsible for any damage. All breakable valuable items should be move to a safe place by the resident

If the repair is to an electric storage heater, please ensure it is turned off 24 hrs before the contractor is due to call so the heater has time to cool down

You need to make sure that the contractor can get to the repair work easily. Please ensure all pets are kept out of the way and you keep an eye on your children.

A responsible adult must stay in the property at all times while the repair is being carried out.

All out staff and contractors are expected to be considerate and respectful towards you and your home. We expect you and members of your household and visitors to behave in a similar manner towards them. Failure to do this could mean the repair is not carried out.

Residents must not smoke in their home while our staff or contractors are in attendance. We would also ask that you do not smoke in the room where the repair work is to be carried out for one hour prior to the appointed time.



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