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Damage to your home

What happens if your home is damaged

If you or anyone in your home, cause damage to your home, we expect you to arrange for it to be repaired. You may decide to do this yourself or you may need a qualified professional to do it for you. You will be responsible for any costs incurred in repairing the damage.

If damage is caused by a break-in or vandalism, we will carry out repairs to make your home safe and secure. We will only do further work if you supply us with a Police Crime Number (not an incident number given over the phone). It is your responsibility to get the crime number and if you fail to do so you may be responsible for the cost of making your home safe and secure.

Improvements you have made

You can carry out improvements to your home provided you get our written permission before starting. Should you wish to make any changes to the property you must first request an alteration form by contacting the Repairs Helpdesk. We will not refuse without good reason. More information on the procedure can be found under 'Making alterations'. You will be responsible for any repairs to the changes you have made.


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