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Making alterations to your home


While we encourage all tenants to look after their properties and we don’t want to withhold permission for you to improve your home, PHP has a responsibility to manage its properties.  This includes ensuring that all work done by tenants is to an approved standard and will not pose a health and safety risk.

If you are considering doing any alterations to your home you need to consider that it can be expensive and there will likely be hidden costs, as well as on-going repair and maintenance costs, which you will be responsible for. Should you move to another property or exchange with another tenant you may be asked to remove the alteration.

Do I need permission?

If you want to decorate your home e.g. painting or putting up wallpaper, you can do so without asking for permission.

However, if you want to make larger changes to your home, you must obtain permission from us before starting the work.  The type of work you would need permission for could include:

  • Changing the layout of your home

  • Adding extensions, conservatories or Loft conversions

  • Putting up a shed, greenhouse or garage

  • Laying laminate/wood flooring

  • Changing plumbing

  • Any electric works

  • Fitting water meters, satellite dishes or pre paid utility meters

  • Putting up a new or replacing an existing fence or boundary wall

  • Constructing a driveway or paved parking area

  • Planting or removing a hedge or tree

  • Landscaping

You must always get permissions BEFORE you go ahead with any major works.  If you are not sure always check with us first by calling the helpdesk on 0800 6523900.

Should you make any alterations to your home without first getting written permission from us, you will be required to remove the alterations and reinstate the property back to the condition that it was let to you.

How can I obtain permission?

You can obtain an application form by:

requesting a form here

  • telephoning the Repairs Helpdesk on 0800 6523900

  • calling into our office or writing to us at:

     Beech House
     28-30 Wimborne Road
     BH15 2BU

What will happen next?

When you receive the application form you will need to provide:

  • Information about the type of alteration you want to make to your home

  • A sketch where possible showing us the exact location of the works

Once we receive you application form we may then need to visit your home and discuss the application with you and give further detailed advice i.e if you need planning permission or building regulations before proceeding. 

On completion 

Should permission be given for you to do the works once completed you must let us know so that we can arrange to inspect the works to make sure it has been done to an approved standard. 

For some types of works such as gas or electric works you will need to show us that the works have been done to the industry approved standards by sending in the original documents.  Once we have the evidence and are happy the works have been completed to approved standards, we will then send you a final authorisation letter.


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