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General maintenance


Regular cleaning and checking around your home can help prevent serious problems occurring. Here are some simple steps to take to help care for your home:

Smoke detectors
We are fitting smoke detectors in every home. You are responsible for testing and cleaning it regularly to see that it works

Gas appliances
Have they been serviced or had a safety check in the last 11 months?

We carry out a gas safety check once a year on any appliance we have installed

Cleaning windows
Wipe down cills to remove condensation puddles

Waste pipes
Clean through sink, bath and basin wastes with a suitable solution from a DIY or general store

Lime scale
Remove lime scale from kettles and taps with a de scaling solution or vinegar

Clear any leaves or debris from covers

Hinges and locks
Ease with a little lubricating oil

Check whether there are any tiles or slates loose or missing

Gutters and down pipes
Are any leaking or blocked?

Are they dripping or loose?
Check stop tap and gate valves- can you turn them freely?

Check for other repairs that we should know about.





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