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Fix a dripping tap

Replacing a tap washer to stop a dripping tap is one of the most common plumbing problems in the home. Here's how to perform this simple job...


1. Turn off the water supply to the dripping tap, then turn on the tap to release any water in the system feeding it.

2. Before you start to dismantle the tap, lay the plug in the sink - this will prevent any small items you may drop from going down the plughole!

3. Use a small screwdriver to lever off the insert to expose the screw (as in the images below).


Tap test pic


Fix a dripping tap B


4. Remove the screw. The handle should lift off (see below). 

Fix a dripping tap C


Fix dripping tap D


5. With the correct sized spanner, loosen the tap valve, as shown below.

Fix a dripping tap E
Fix a dripping tap F


6. While doing this, firmly hold the tap spout with your hand to prevent the body of the tap turning on the basin of the sink.

7. If the tap turns, the connection under your basin may be loosen - check under the sink for a leak.

8. Unscrew the valve completely to remove it.

9. Undo the nut or screw to release the older washer, or prise the old washer over the lug (see above and below._

Fix a dripping tap G
Fix a dripping tap H


10. Replace the washer and, if appropriate, replace the nut or screw (above).

11. Re-assemble the repaired tap by reversing the steps you took to dismantle it.

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