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Tenancy agreements

Here we have summarised the conditions detailed in the Tenancy Agreement that you sign when you become a tenant.

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What are my rights as a tenant?

As a council tenant with a secure tenancy, you have a number of rights that are set out in law (The Housing Act 1985). Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant of the Borough of Poole are given below.

Do I have the right to be consulted about changes to my home or neighbourhood?

By law, you have a right to be consulted about any proposed changes to the way we manage your home. To ensure you have this right, we will consult with you about any proposed changes. 

Do I have the right to make changes to my home?

If you want to decorate your home e.g. painting, you have
a right to do so without asking for permission. However, if you want to make more substantial changes to your home, you must obtain permission from us before you start work.  See our "Making alterations" page for more information.

What are my rights about getting repairs done
to my home?

The Right to Repair is a scheme to ensure that small,
urgent repairs (up to a value of £250), which might affect
your health, safety or security, are done quickly and
easily. See our "Right to repair" page for more information.

Can I pass on my tenancy to someone else?

Please see our "Tenancy changes" page for further information about passing your tenancy to someone else and successions and our "Mutual exchanges" page if you are thinking about swapping your home.

Can I take in lodgers or sub-let part of my home?

If you would like to take in a lodger or sub-let part of your
home, please speak to your Housing Officer or Sheltered 
Housing Officer first.  They can give you advice specific 
to your circumstances.

Do I have the Right to buy my home?

You will need to meet certain requirements to be eligible. See our "Right to Buy" page for more information.

What if I need extra support managing my

PHP’s Sustain Support Service provides flexible support 
to any tenant who is experiencing difficulties within their 
property. See our "Sustain Support" page for more information.

If you are 60 years or over and think you would benefit 
from some support, you can apply to transfer into
sheltered accommodation.  For more information see our "Sheltered housing" page.

How is my estate kept clean and tidy?

Twice a year, we inspect all our estates to make sure
they are clean and tidy, and to identify any work or
improvements that need to be done. 

Is my home insured?

The structure of your home is covered by the Borough
of Poole’s buildings insurance, which provides cover for
damage, such as that caused by fire or flood. 
The Council or PHP does NOT insure your personal
belongings.  It is your responsibility to insure the contents
of your home.  See our "Contents insurance" page for more information.

What information does PHP hold about my
family and me?

PHP is registered with the Information Commission and
adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998 to ensure that
we keep the information we hold about you secure. If you would like to find out more about the information 
we hold or how to go about arranging to see the information, please call the Helpdesk on 0800 652 3900.




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