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Downsizing your property

Things you may not know

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The transfer scheme supports BoP and PHP tenants who either find their current property too large to manage, or have been affected by a reduction in housing benefit due to under occupying the property.

The scheme also supports those who are over 60, currently living in a one bedroom general needs property and may be interested in moving to one of our sheltered housing schemes.

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Gina Budden is our downsizing officer and will be happy to visit you in your home and talk you through the process.

Support is given for:

The Home Choice application

Monitoring the application and the bidding process

Planning the transfer 

Once a property of your choice is allocated to you, Gina will:

  • Arrange the removal company (all removal costs will be paid)

  • Support you with informing the utility companies

  • Help with change of circumstances to housing benefits (if applicable)

You and Gina will plan your transfer together, ensuring the support given is tailored to your individual needs and the process goes ahead as smoothly as possible. You can contact Gina on 0800 652 3900.

Take a look at some of the excellent feedback we have received:

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If you are interested in the scheme and would like further information, you can either fill in the online form, or phone Gina on 01202 264322 (Monday to Thursday).



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