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The 'Poole Standard'

The Standard has been compiled to form part of the repairs and reinvestment strategy for Poole Housing Partnership. It intends to set out the standard of materials to be used and also to ensure that the design, procurement and management of the repairs and investment programme is consistent with best value principles. 

The Standard represents Poole Housing Partnership’s preferred material choice and specification for all work to be undertaken to housing properties, including responsive repairs, planned maintenance and improvements. 

The specification covers material and workmanship. The requirements, materials and standards listed in this document are the minimum acceptable. 

Stock condition

Stock condition surveys are carried out on all PHP properties every ten years.

A surveyor will arrange an appointment and carry out a detailed inspection of all internal and external elements of your home, along with an energy assessment and health and safety check.

This information is then used to build up an asset management database which indicates to the Re-investment Team which properties require upgrade and in which year.

Different areas of your home have varying life spans, for example: 

  • Windows 30 years

  • Pointing 50 years

  • Kitchens 20 years

  • Bathrooms 30 years

  • Boilers 15 years

  • Heating Systems 30 years

However, age is just one of the factors we take into consideration. The survey will also look at condition and reliability. 

To find out if your property could be due an upgrade. Please complete and submit the planned works form and we will let you know.

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