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Information for new leaseholders

Your leaseholder handbook contains lots of useful information about PHP and the services we provide to you as a leaseholder.  We would recommend that you have a read through it to familiarise yourself with how we work and your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder. You can view or download your copy of the handbook at the side of this page.

On this page you can find a brief introduction to the following information:

You may also find our Frequently Asked Questions page useful. 

What is a leaseholder?

When you buy a flat or maisonette, you do not buy part of the building itself, you buy a lease from the landlord, which gives you the right to live in the flat for an agreed period of time. The lease outlines your responsibilities as a lessee, and ours as the landlord. It also states what services you could be charged for. You will be responsible for maintaining anything contained within your home or serving only your home for the period of the lease. Any electrical and gas testing is your responsibility to keep up with. Gas boilers should be tested and serviced every year and electrical wiring every five years. Any communal gas or electricity supply is maintained and serviced by us.

Our leases usually have an initial term of 125 years from the date the first lease in the building was granted, however some leases have now been extended by leaseholders. The Council currently only offers the Statutory route to extension, whereby you must have owned the lease for at least two years before you can extend. The statutory route to extension will add another 90 years to the remaining term of your lease, so if you have 90 years remaining and extend your lease, the new lease term will be 180 years. It is advisable to extend your lease before it reaches 80 years or less, as once it has less than 80 years remaining, you will have to pay an additional fee called a “marriage value” to the freeholder (BCP Council) in addition to the extension premium and legal costs.

If you would like to extend your lease, you will need to issue a Section 42 Notice on BCP Council exercising your statutory right to extend the lease, as well as satisfying the criteria (of owning the property for two years). This is normally done through a solicitor and should be directed to the Legal Team at BCP Council. 

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What are service charges?

Because your flat is part of a block of flats or is contained within a building that has more than just your home within it, you must pay a share of the costs of maintaining the block and providing services that your home benefits from such as caretaking and communal lighting and building repairs.

The elements of your service charges are broken down on your Annual Statement.

There is more information about service charges and how we calculate them on the service charge page of this website.

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What does Poole Housing Partnership do?

A summary of the services we provide to leaseholders includes:

  • Consult with you prior to carrying out major works that affect your property - often known as Section 20 consultation
  • Send you an annual statement detailing the cost of managing your property
  • Calculate and collect service charges
  • Produce major works invoices
  • Respond to enquiries from leaseholders
  • Offer a home visit to all new leaseholders
  • Advise you how to make a claim on the Buildings Insurance policy
  • Give advice on the responsibilities and obligations contained in your lease - both yours and ours
  • The opportunity for you to get involved with PHP in the running of your home and your neighbourhood 
  • Advise you on housing related matters that affect the enjoyment of your home - for example if you are experiencing noise or other nuisance from others who live in your block
  • Deal with solicitor enquiries on re-sales on the open market

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Free advice on leasehold legislation

More information on general leasehold matters can be obtained from the Leasehold Advisory Service or 020 7383 9800. The Leasehold Advisory Service is an Executive Non Departmental Public Body (ENDPB) funded by Government to provide free advice on the law affecting residential leasehold property in England and Wales.

If you would like more information regarding Leasehold issues please contact us, details to the right of this page.

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