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ASB closure order - case study

A single female tenant moved into a one bed flat in a large block near the centre of town. Almost immediately PHP started to receive complaints of noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour from the tenant and her visitors, including screaming, shouting, door buzzers being pressed, visitors fighting in communal areas, loud music, and banging throughout the night. The Police were called to the property on a number of occasions and the nuisance caused by the tenant and her visitors had a detrimental effect on the neighbouring residents.

Despite numerous verbal and written warnings and offers of support, the anti-social behaviour continued. The Engagement and Enforcement Team worked jointly with the Community Safety Team at the Borough of Poole and Dorset Police to obtain a Closure Order of the property, which meant that it was a criminal offence for anyone to enter the flat for three months, apart from the tenant. Unfortunately the tenant did not use this opportunity to change her behaviour and stop unwanted visitors to her property and the reports of nuisance continued.

The Engagement and Enforcement Team made the decision to serve a notice on the tenant using new legislation, which allows a social landlord to apply for possession on mandatory grounds. As it can take time for possession proceedings to conclude, the Engagement and Enforcement Team and the Borough of Poole obtained a second Closure Order for the property, this time excluding all occupants and visitors. A metal door was fitted on the flat and it was a criminal offence for anyone to enter the property, including the tenant.

The Engagement and Enforcement Team have been able to provide immediate respite for a large number of residents who have had their lives affected by a nuisance neighbour by working proactively with partner agencies. 

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