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Power failure

What to do if you have no power 

Power failure

Check your neighbours to see if they have an electrical supply. If they do not, there may be a general power failure in your area which the electricity company will deal with. If your neighbours do have power, check your consumer unit or fuse board which will either be fitted with circuit breakers, rewireable fuses or cartridge fuses.

Circuit breakers, rewireable fuses and cartridges

Where circuit breakers are fitted, find out which circuit has tripped to the off position and switch it back to the on position. If the equipment trips again you have a faulty appliance. To find out which appliance is faulty go around the house and switch off and unplug all appliances, and the immersion heater/boiler. Reset the circuit breaker and plug appliances back in one by one until the circuit trips out again. Any appliance which trips the circuit breaker should be left unplugged until it has been repaired by a qualified electrician.

Note: Should you request PHP to attend a repair which is due to a defective appliance you may be charged for the visit.

If you have rewireable or cartridge fuses the broken one should be replaced with one of the correct size. If it breaks again, follow the procedure for finding a faulty appliance as described above.


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