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Frozen pipes and leaks

If you discover frozen pipes...

Frozen pipes

If you are unfortunate and the pipe work does freeze, you should take the following actions:


  • Turn off the water supply at the Stopcock tap or isolation valve

  • Check the pipe work for the signs of splintering

  • If the pipe work is intact open the taps and thaw out the pipes with a hair dryer or fan heater - Never Use A Naked Flame.

  • If your central heating system has frozen do not light the boiler or switch your heating system on. Please contact us on 0800 652 3900

  • Switch off the electrical installation at the mains

Water leaks

If you discover a serious water leak in your property:

  • Turn the water off at the Stopcock or isolation valve

  • Look to see if the leak is showing  near any electrics/lights

  • If the leak is from the flat above, ask the tenant  above to turn their water off

  • Call the repairs helpline 0800 6523900 advising the exact location of the leak, if any electrics are affected and if another flat is involved the number of the flat where the leak is coming from


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