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The pictures below show how a tenant managed to improve their property condition with help from PHP.

Kitchen hoarding picture











Why do PHP get involved in hoarding?

There are a number of reasons:

  • lt can restrict access to escape routes

  • Cause trip hazards

  • Make rescue in the event of fire impossible or accelerate a fire should one start

  • Prevent repairs being carried out

  • Prevent safety work such as rewires

  • Stop major works such as replacement kitchens

Hoarding can make it difficult to keep a property clean and this can damage the building.

It often has an affect on wellbeing and can be a symptom of mental illness or exacerbate depression or low mood.

What is PHPs approach?

The housing officer will arrange a visit and check property condition. The required standard will be discussed and realistic targets and appropriate timescales agreed with the tenant. Regular visits will be set to ensure progress is made. If it isn’t, then it may be necessary to take a firm line, which could eventually result in legal action.

An assessment will be carried out on how able the tenant is, so any vulnerabilities and support needs can be taken into consideration.

Living room hoarding picture

Will I be expected to sort everything out at once?

PHP will work with the tenant (and their friends and family) to set achievable targets rather than insisting the problem is resolved immediately. Some tenants and their families find they can sort out the property in a blitz, while others find a slow and steady approach works best for them.

What if I can’t do the work myself?

Often friends and family are the best placed to help. However, sometimes church groups, Social Services, charities, armed forces veterans groups such as SAFFA, Salvation Army or other support groups can assist.

Living room hoarding picture 1

It’s my home, shouldn’t I be able to do what I like in it?

PHP understand that people have different lifestyles and circumstances, and the amount of possessions can fluctuate. PHP will only get involved when the level of possessions causes a problem to the tenant, property or the community. The tenancy agreement states that the property must be kept in a clean and tidy condition.

If you would like assistance please contact the Neighbourhood team on 01202 264411 or email: housingofficers.php@poole.gov.uk

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