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Grounds maintenance and grass cutting

General needs estates

BCP’s Streetscene undertake the grounds maintenance and grass cutting of PHP general needs areas.

Grass cuttings are not collected but are swept or blown from paths.

The following should be reported on BCP’s ‘Report It

      • Dog mess;          
      • Litter;   
      • Weeds on pavement/roads;    
      • Broken kerbstones, uneven pavements   

Please report the following to PHP Customer Services

  • Trees requiring pruning/removal;

  • Queries regarding carers car park permits;
  • Graffiti on PHP property;
  • Uneven paths/trip hazards.   

These concerns should be reported to our Estates Team:

  • Fly tip;

  • Items stored in communal areas of schemes;

  • Grass cutting needed/poor quality grass cutting;

  • Hedge/bed/grounds maintenance issues

  • Poor quality cleaning of communal areas;

  • Issues re waste and recycling;

  • Drying area/car park sweeping;

  • Homes where people could benefit from help with the garden.

Sheltered housing sites

Sheltered Housing sites are maintained directly by a team of Streetscene staff dedicated to work solely on PHP sites. 

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