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Anti-social behaviour



What is anti-social behaviour?   

Anti-social behaviour, or ASB for short, is any act that causes alarm, distress or harassment to someone outside of the immediate family or household and can include: 


- Graffiti
- Dog mess and barking
- Vandalism
- Criminal damage
- Verbal abuse
- Spitting
- Intimidating behaviour
- Threats
- Littering
- Untidy gardens

Anti-social behaviour is not:


- Children playing football in the street
- Young people gathering
- Neighbours using your dustbin
- Being unable to park outside your home

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Tackling ASB

Poole Housing Partnership is determined to tackle ASB and keep it out of our communities.

We work with the Police, the Borough of Poole and other agencies using the most appropriate tools and a victim-centred approach to prevent and deal with ASB. We all work together to support victims whilst the problem is being resolved.

Anti-social behaviour could lead to criminal convictions if not stopped or it increases.

Read a case study here.

Tackle noisy neighbours with new app

A new app service will help residents tackle noisy neighbours by capturing and sending recordings of noise disturbances directly to Borough of Poole. Read more here.

Our commitment to you

  • To take your report seriously and follow it up promptly, keeping you informed of progress.

    To respond to race, hate crime, domestic violence or serious physical assault within 24 hours of the report or the next working day

  • To respond to threats of violence, abuse and serious anti-social behaviour within 5 working days.

  • To respond to all other incidents within 10 working days.

Community Trigger 

New tools and powers to deal with anti social behaviour come into force from 20.10.14 via the ASB, Crime and Policing Act. They aim to put victims at the centre of actions to deal with ASB and “give professionals flexibility to act in any given situation” (Statutory guidance.)

More flexibility is delivered by allowing more agencies access to powers already shown to be effective for social landlords and Environmental Health Depts.

Where public spaces have not been covered by previous powers the Act fills these gaps.

Jo Mare, Housing Manager says “ These are exciting new tools which we intend to use, in partnership with partners, to deal with ASB in innovative ways”



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