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Working in partnership


Since Christmas, a PHP resident had been behaving in an intimidating and antisocial manner, as well as causing criminal damage. PHP were informed of the issues mid-March and proceeded to take steps to resolve the nuisance behaviour. The resident received three written warnings and the Police were called on a number of occasions. Unfortunately, the resident ignored the notice and their behaviour escalated each time PHP intervened. This finally resulted in a physical assault on a neighbour in April.

PHP applied for an ex-parte injunction to protect the victims the day after the assault. The resident continually breached this and became abusive and threatening when police officers attended to deal with the matter. The resident was arrested at the end of April, and at the return injunction hearing at the beginning of May, admitted to breaching this and surrendered their tenancy with immediate effect. The injunction, which contains an exclusion zone preventing the resident from entering the area remains in place for a further year.

This was a fantastic outcome for the neighbours who can now live in peace in their homes, and a great example of positive and effective joint working between residents, PHP and the Police.
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