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Suzie - South Coast's 'Neighbour of the Year'

Suzie - South Coast Neighbour of the Year TW.jpg

Congratulations to Suzie from Sterte Court, who was recently crowned regional winner in the UK’s Neighbour of the Year Awards, hosted by Co-op and Neighbourhood Watch.

Suzie received nominations from neighbours, friends, and supporters, for her involvement in helping to raise money to fund a new play park for children in the local area, arranging various community events, and her many voluntary activities.

Suzie said: “I absolutely recognise that my work at Sterte has been part of a community wide effort with many residents involved, and feel very grateful that I was nominated for this award. I love living at Sterte, there is a great community and I think it’s the best place in Poole!”

Another wonderful example of how PHP residents are making a difference in their community.

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