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Superstar snappers of Turlin Moor



PHP organised a photography project for young residents on Turlin Moor in the autumn, in partnership with Turlin Moor Youth Centre and Arts University Bournemouth. 14 young people took part and the results were amazing!

You can view the whole gallery online at https://www.instagram.com/photogenic_infinity/, or visit the pop up exhibition in Kingland Crescent, next to Nationwide, just outside the Dolphin Centre, which will run throughout December.

Clare Sutton, who organised the project for PHP, said, “It was a real joy being out and about with the young people. Their enthusiasm and energy was infectious and I was really impressed with the quality of the work they produced.”

Evie, aged 11, said, "I have never thought much about professional photography, but I had lots of fun and had the opportunity to learn some skills from experts and got to experiment with different techniques and styles, and learned how to edit and frame my pictures. It has definitely inspired me to take more photos."

Mollie, aged, 13, said, “I really enjoyed the course because they taught us new ways of taking interesting pictures and the people were friendly and helpful. I loved having a new activity and making new friends.”

At the start of the project, many of the young people had no knowledge or experience of photography, but over the four weeks they learned a number of skills and techniques, including different ways to ‘frame’ and edit their photos. The work they were producing by the end was really quite stunning.

Clare added, “On behalf of all of us, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Louise and the Youth Centre for helping to organise and host it, to senior photography lecturer Paul Allen, Arts University Bournemouth who was absolutely inspirational, and his two student assistants Beth and Lucy.”

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