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Sterte contractor supports food bank

Sterte food bank

The contractor working on the Sterte Court refurbishment project has joined PHP, and Sterte residents, to donate much-needed supplies to Poole Food Bank. 

In addition to a £500 gift, Keepmoat encouraged residents to donate tinned goods, juice cartons and other goods to help the food bank during the busy new year period.

The charity helps households in crisis by providing up to three days’ worth of food for any size of family. The food is free and the vouchers required to access it are held by a wide range of professionals in the community, so that those in need can be helped quickly.

Poole Food Bank will use Keepmoat’s cash donation to purchase goods as requirements change during the year. The shopping list includes items such as UHT milk, cartooned fruit juice, tins of vegetables, and quality tinned meat.

Judith Lane, Poole Food Bank Manager said: "In August this year I had to temporarily close the food bank in order to go and buy food as we only had cereals, beans and pasta left in the food bank. Since that time we have had a bumper Harvest time and now the generosity of organisations such as Keepmoat, means we will be assured of a plentiful stock of food, for longer, during one of our busiest periods." 

Judith continued: "Over the last few months we have seen an increase in people needing to use the food bank, and on average we feed around 450 people each month, many of whom are working but after paying rent, council tax, utility bills and other essential outgoings, cannot afford to feed themselves and their families."

Paul Munro, Keepmoat South West Regional Director, added: "We are delighted to be able to give this donation to such a good locally based cause, especially at this time of the year."

The blocks of flats at Sterte Court, which were built in the 1960s, will soon benefit from attractive over-cladding, much-improved weather proofing and energy insulation, new roofing, windows and heating systems, and fully enclosed balconies.

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