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Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

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The order has been in place since 16.4.18. Its purpose is to give the Borough and Police another tool to deal with antisocial behaviour. Residents, businesses and visitors have been increasingly finding problems from aggressive begging, street drinking, use of drugs and items obstructing entrances. If someone is causing a problem in Poole Town or the Sterte area, the order gives the Borough and Police the powers to move on, any adult breaching the restrictions in the order or confiscate banned items such as alcohol and drugs.

The restrictions are:

  • No street drinking of alcohol

  • No begging for money, food or drink

  • No sitting or loitering with a receptacle for money

  • No illegal drugs

  • No unattended baggage

  • No anti-social behaviour

  • No obstruction of doorways, car parks or communal parts of flats

  • A person must leave any retail, commercial or public building when asked

Residents have lobbied for the order and were successful in having it extended to cover the Sterte area as well. Involved resident Avril, says: “Residents of Sterte have suffered increasingly from drug activity and rough sleepers, so we are pleased that our efforts and petition have ensured that our neighbourhood is  included in the PSPO. We hope the new powers are effective and Sterte will again be a safe and pleasant place to live.”

If you see one of the restrictions being breached, during office hours call:

Out of Office hours, call:

  • Dorset Police on 999 in an emergency
  • If an emergency clean up of human waste is required, or there is loud music, call 0800 506050

St Mungo’s are contracted by the Borough of Poole to provide support services to rough sleepers. To report a rough sleeper, call 0300 500 0914, 24 hours a day, or email: b&pstreetoutreach@mungos.org


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