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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) - Updates and information

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Please click here to see PHP’s risk assessment document on working safely during COVID-19.


UPDATE  12th May 2020

Following the government’s announcement on Sunday, we wanted to let you know that PHP will not be making any service changes this
week. We will continue to carry out emergency repairs only and ensure sheltered residents and those living in general needs who are over 70 are contacted on a regular basis, along with our normal welfare calls. Once we receive clear guidance from the government, we will advise any changes through weekly updates, so please watch this space.

We can confirm that BCP Council will be starting a limited grass cutting service at General Needs properties from today (Tuesday) and at
Sheltered Schemes from Wednesday 20th May.


Update 29th April 2020

We will be shortly sending out letters and useful contact sheets to all Sheltered Residents and General Needs Residents over 70. The letters detail our ongoing support in the current situation and highlight common concerns. 

You can view the letters and contact sheets below:

Sheltered Letter and Sheltered Contact Sheet

General Needs over 70s Letter and General Needs Contact Sheet


Update 27th March 2020

We just wanted to let you know that PHP staff are continuing to work hard to provide essential services to all our residents during this difficult period. 

Our focus remains on providing: 

  • Emergency Repairs
  • Supporting the elderly and vulnerable
  • Urgent housing management advice
  • Help with paying rent or advice 

Our Rents Team are all working from home, so you can email them directly on: rent.php@bcpcouncil.gov.uk with any queries.

As we have previously advised, our main switchboard (0800 652 3900) is open, but we would ask that residents limit telephone contact with the office as much as possible, as we only have a small number of staff available.to  take calls.

You can email any of our teams directly, and emails will be picked up:

Sheltered - ShelteredHousingTeam@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Housing - housingofficers.php@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Repairs - RepairHelpdesk@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Rents - rent.php@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

General - comments.php@bcpcouncil.gov.uk


BCP Council want to ensure the most essential services are delivered to those most in need and keep vulnerable residents as safe as possible.

Visit My Life My Care for lots of helpful advice, including food and delivery services: https://www.mylifemycare.com/COVID-19

For anyone who is extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus, visit: https://www.gov.uk/Coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable for extra support i.e., asking for help to get deliveries of essential supplies such as food.



UPDATE 24th March 2020   

Following last night’s announcement regarding national lockdown, the PHP team has been working this morning to identify how we can provide essential services to all our residents during this difficult period.

We are obviously mindful that we need to protect our tenants, staff and contractors during these challenging times, so our focus for at least the next three weeks will be on the following:

  • Emergency repairs – this covers anything relating to gas, electrics, water or fire safety.
  • Supporting elderly and vulnerable tenants – our staff will be carrying out their usual welfare checks although these will be by telephone rather than face to face 
  • Urgent housing management issues
  • Help with paying rent or advice

Our main switchboard (0800 652 3900) will stay open, but we would ask that residents limit telephone contact with the office as much as possible, as we only have a small number of staff available to take calls.

Please would you email if you can, as these will go directly to the correct team.

Sheltered Housing  

Housing Officers  



General Enquiries  



Please note that Beech House will be closed to members of the public from Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice.

Poole Housing Partnership Ltd is following guidance from central government around how to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).  This includes adjusting behaviours in order to protect those who are most at risk should they contract it.

For this reason, PHP has taken the decision to close Beech House in line with social distancing guidance to ensure staff and customers are protected as much as possible.

We would ask customers to contact us via telephone or email. 

Our main switchboard will stay open so please report any repairs and concerns through this.  The number is 0800 652 3900. 

You can also contact your housing officer or sheltered housing officer via their normal number although this may be picked up by another member of staff. 

You can also email us at:

Sheltered Housing

Housing Officers


General Enquiries
comments.php@bcpcouncil.gov.uk            . 

Thank you for your understanding.

PHP Contractor Visits - 20th March 2020

PHP is working closely with contractors during the Coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak, to ensure we continue to deliver our repairs service where necessary. This includes urgent repairs This includes urgent repairs where there is a risk to the health of residents or to the fabric of the building, if these are not completed. We will be suspending all other repairs and putting a process in place to ensure that we are directing resources to the right area.

We are monitoring how our contractors are supporting their own employees, to ensure the highest possible standards of care. If operatives are displaying symptoms, fall into an at risk group or have a family member that is at risk, they will not be at work. Where operatives are at work and have been asked to carry out repairs in your home, the following process will be applied:

  • At the time of reporting a repair, all residents will be asked whether they believe themselves to be at risk, whether they are currently self isolating or if they have the virus. Please do not be offended by this. We need to understand the risks to contractors as well as yourself
  • When the contractor arrives at the property, they will call you to advise that they are outside
  • When you open the door, you will be asked to confirm the problem, move to another room within the property and close the door
  • The contractor will access the property and disinfect the area they will be working in
  • Once the work is completed, the area will be disinfected again
  • The contractor will communicate to you that they are leaving, whilst you are still in another part of the property with the door closed
  • Once the contractor leaves, you can secure your property

PHP will still be completing gas and electrical testing during this period, as a failure to do so may lead to unidentified and unacceptable risks within homes. The process outlined above will be followed for any visit and we would ask you to discuss with us any concerns you may have regarding access

All other visits by PHP surveyors have now been stopped. These include visits to discuss complaints made and non essential repairs, which will now be assessed over the phone. If you can send through any photographs to support this it would be very helpful. 

All communal and external work will continue at present, although this will be monitored and reduced if necessary.

This is an emerging and ongoing situation and like you we are trying to find the best way forward that keeps you safe in your home as well as safe from the virus. If you have any queries about the above process, please contact us on 0800 652 3900 and continue to follow NHS guidance on social distancing and isolation.

A Message from Su Spence, Chief Executive - 19th March 2020

Following the recent announcements from central government around the coronavirus (COVID-19), you will be aware that the virus is spreading throughout the UK and the government is asking all of us to adjust our behaviours in order to reduce spread and to protect those who are most at risk should they contract it.

PHP’s focus will be on supporting you to reduce your contact where it is necessary, while trying to provide information for local agencies and groups who may be able to support you through this time.  

It is anticipated that there will be many staff within PHP affected by the virus and therefore we will not be able to provide our usual level of service.

With this in mind, PHP will be moving to a “call only” service rather than a visiting service. 

We will scale back the repairs and maintenance service in order to reduce movement of workmen throughout the area.  However, where a lift breaks down or there is a requirement to undertake urgent repairs, we will still deliver these.  We are working closely with our local contractors to ensure that they are monitoring the health of their staff and that anyone who should be self-isolating is indeed doing so and not remaining at work.  Where workmen are required to enter your property, we will ask you to remain in a separate room and they will wipe down and clean any areas that they have worked on.

This is a changing picture both nationally and locally and like you we are just trying to get through it in the best possible way. 

Our main switchboard will stay open so please report any repairs and concerns through this.  The number is 0800 652 3900.  You can also contact your housing officer or sheltered housing officer via their normal number although this may be picked up by another member of staff. 

You can also email us at: ShelteredHousingTeam@bcpcouncil.gov.uk or housingofficers.php@bcpcouncil.gov.uk or comments.php@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Take care everyone and remember to follow all advice from the NHS with regards to your own health.

A Message from PHP - 11th March 2020

PHP would like to reassure all residents that the current situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) is being monitored very closely. PHP is checking developments daily and following all Public Health England guidance.

PHP is currently providing its usual full service to all residents. This will continue until guidance from Public Health England changes, at which point any necessary service adjustments will be made.

The well-being of residents, contractors and staff is PHP’s main priority, so it is likely alterations to services will be put in place over the coming days and weeks. These will be communicated via PHP’s website and social media, so please keep looking for updates. We will also publicise in common areas at sheltered housing schemes and flats.

In the meantime, to minimise risk, we would ask residents to consider taking precautions such as using PHP’s automated payment line on 01202 672932 to pay rent. Call us rather than come into the office and look after your own health.

PHP would ask any residents who may have symptoms and/or are self-isolating, to please call or email the office to let us know. You can contact PHP on 0800 652 3900 or email:


Find out the latest information and advice from Public Health England here.

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