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My PHP account

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Don’t forget with our online service, you can now manage your tenancy safely and securely at a time to suit you!

• View your rent/leasehold account balance and recent payments and charges

• Make payments online

• View repairs at your property and any future appointments

• Request repairs online

• View your personal details

• View basic details about your tenancy

Hopefully you have received your invite letter which contains all the information needed to set up your account. Just click on the 'My PHP Account' green button on the home page and follow the instructions to register or login.

If you have any questions, or you would like the letter resent, please contact us, at: phptp@bcpcouncil.gov.uk or call 0800 652 3900.

Please note that an account cannot be opened without the Tenancy Reference number and Activation Code contained in your letter.

For helpful hints and tips, read our FAQs.


Please note this is an optional online service. You can still continue to pay your rent by existing methods or speak to a member of PHP on 0800 652 3900

We recommend the following minimum system requirements: 

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You may still be able to use devices operating over the Android platform but performance may be hindered. 

The following web browsers are currently supported: 

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