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March gardening tips

Spring birds.jpg

Spring is in the air! And with the ground warming up by mid March, you should be able to carry out several tasks in the garden. Prepare seed beds and sow seeds. Give a final prune to shrubs and roses. Remove garden slugs on any new shoots before they break through. It’s time to plant and sow shallots, onion sets and early potatoes. Sort out your summer flowering bulbs and plant. Divide perennial clumps and plant in areas that need it. Treat the lawn when dry turfing or seeding bald patches. Trim edges and cut grass to a high trim at first and hoe often to keep the weeds down. Sow hardy annuals in pots to provide colour in the garden all summer long. You can also sow seeds in drifts to give a natural look. Sweet peas can now be sown outside. For summer bedding, sow in trays and place in a propagator in a heated greenhouse. Divide hostas (one of the best foliage plants for light to medium shade) before they come into leaf. Divide polyanthus primal and after flowering propagate young shoots from tubers. Allow daffodils to die right back, it encourages growth in the bulb. 

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