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Homes At The Heart

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Everyone deserves a safe and decent place that they
can call home!

We are proud to support #HomesAtTheHeart which is a national campaign and coalition led by The National Federation of ALMOs, Chartered Institute of Housing, National Housing Federation, Association of Retained Council Housing and Crisis.

Our sector has always believed that everyone deserves a safe, secure, and comfortable place to live. Investing in social housing makes this possible. It will boost the economy, create jobs and improve people’s lives.

You can check out our Twitter page @PooleHousing or take a look below to see what we are doing to help raise awareness of the importance of social housing.

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Homes at the heart of settled futures (21-25 Sept)  

Miss S had suffered a recent history of domestic abuse. Although several attempts were made for her to safely leave her partner, she always chose to remain within the home she shared with him. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the situation quickly escalated and soon became intolerable. One day during the start of lockdown, Miss S safely left the property and called her Support Officer who had been in regular contact throughout due to the increased risk. Miss S informed the Officer of her location and that she was now homeless. Aware that this was an opportunity to escape her perpetrator and not return this time, the Support Officer informed Miss S that PHP had temporary furnished properties immediately available, so transport was arranged and she moved in that day. As Miss S had left with only one bag of clothing, the Support Officer arranged for additional furniture to be installed, using items from PHPs furniture recycling scheme and also gave further assistance so that Miss S would feel safe and supported.

We’re pleased to say that Miss S has recently been nominated to remain at the property as a secure tenant. She now has a permanent home where she feels safe and secure.

Mrs S said: “I am truly grateful for all of the help PHP has given me. I would have never been able to leave without the support. I am finally able to live my life again. If anyone else is in the same position as I was, reach out and ask for help as it is there.”

Homes at the heart of A greener country (7-11 Sept) 

We have installed PV panels to over 1,400 homes, helping to reduce energy bills and create a greener country!

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62 new homes across 3 blocks at Canford Heath. Improved fabric for less heat loss. Solar panels to run communal electrics. Tesla battery backup to store excessive power generated on hot days, releasing it overnight or on cloudy days. Low temperature underfloor heating.

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22 general needs homes to be built in Poole to PassivHaus standards (a voluntary standard for energy efficiency to reduce a building's ecological footprint), using low-carbon air source heat pumps for space heating & hot water.

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Homes at the heart of living well (24 to 28 Aug) 

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Homes at the heart of making ends meet (10 to 14 Aug) 

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