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#HousingDay staff stories

Housing day

We asked members of the PHP team to tell us how having residents at the heart of everything we do influences decision making across the organisation.






Sandra W

Sandra, Resident Involvement Co-ordinator

“We rely on residents getting involved in our business to ensure we can deliver services that meet their needs. In 2015, we reviewed all our resident involvement activities, and streamlined our panels to focus on the areas that matter most to our residents. The Home, Neighbourhood and Community, Tenancy, and Tenant Involvement and Empowerment panels provide residents with greater insight to the work we do and how they can influence developments in the future.” 

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Dave H

David, Building Surveyor 

“When PHP commenced the first Poole council new-build project in 20 years, it was important for us to do it right. We involved local residents from the beginning, running consultation sessions and giving them the opportunity to comment on our plans. We were able to respond to their requests to offer a communal car park as part of the development. We held an ‘open house’ event to give everyone the chance to see inside the new homes and give us their feedback to take onto future new-build projects.”

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Esther Brown web piccy 2

Esther, Volunteers Co-ordinator

“PHP’s Volunteers Service relies on the support of 40 local people who donate their time to help clients across Poole. There are lots of benefits to being a volunteer – you get to meet new people, grow your skills, and build your confidence. At PHP, we recognise the valuable contribution volunteers make to our organisation and to the Poole community, so we provide training opportunities as part of the experience. It’s wonderful to see people who are able to turn their lives around, thanks to our support.”

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Jo M

Jo, Housing Manager

“PHP is an evolving organisation which is constantly looking at ways to improve. Working alongside our colleagues at Borough of Poole, we started reviewing the structure and content of our tenancy agreements, with a view to bringing in introductory tenancies. Introductory tenancies are used by the majority of social landlords (they report a reduction in ASB after implementing them) and a lot of our residents wanted us to do the same. We expect to start issuing introductory tenancies from January next year.”

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Lynn P

Lynn, Housing Support Locality Manager

“With residents in Poole living longer, PHP is leading on the provision of care for people with mental illnesses, including dementia. We manage over 30 sheltered housing schemes across the town, with all our housing support staff trained in dementia awareness. PHP is a member of the Dementia Action Alliance and two members of the team sit on the Poole Dementia Action Group. It’s an exciting time as we develop our knowledge and skills, and implement more support for older people in Poole.”

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Claire W

Claire, Community Involvement Officer

 “My role gives me a lot of satisfaction, particularly when it involves running lots of social activities for our sheltered residents. The indoor Kurling Club has been so successful that it has gone from being run fortnightly to weekly. Around 15 residents take part every week, choosing to play either seated or standing. The activity has increased residents’ physical activity levels, health and well-being. It’s great to see everyone getting together and enjoying themselves, even if there’s a bit of friendly rivalry thrown in!”

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