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Fire doors

Further to recent enquiries regarding fire doors, we have issued the following statement:

Little had changed nationally since the government issued its advice in the summer, following the testing of a number of doors. Suppliers had removed their products from sale and there were no doors that were certified as meeting the required standard.

It was only shortly before Christmas that a suitable, tested replacement door came onto the market. PHP is also discussing with the original supplier, the possibility of carrying out retrospective works to the current doors that will ensure they are of the required standard (the manufacturer will need to have any potential solution fully tested). A decision on which option is preferable will be made once PHP (and other social landlords) are fully informed of the relative merits of each option. The Council has made provision in the capital programme to fund the replacement of the doors should this ultimately be the chosen solution.

In summary PHP has:

  • Continued to work with the original supplier on the remedial solutions – including works to the existing door as well as complete replacement
  • Followed government guidance in managing fire risk
  • Revised fire safety risk assessments to take into account the reduced fire resistance of the doors concerned
  • Discussed its approach with Dorset and Wiltshire Fire & Rescue who are satisfied it is appropriate
  • Continued to advise residents of the stay put policy in the case of fire. No advice has been received to the contrary


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