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County Lines, spot the signs!

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Urban drug dealing gangs are moving into rural towns and coastal communities, where they acquire properties – including housing managed by councils or housing associations – and establish a base.

These gangs use a drug dealing model, known as ‘County Lines’, and generally coerce a vulnerable person, such as drug users, or those with mental or physical health problems, to allow them to use their property as a base. These vulnerable people are then further exploited by the gangs to sell drugs on their behalf. 

The signs to spot which may indicate a vulnerable tenant has had their property taken over by a county lines gang are:

  • A tenant starts receiving more visitors to their property
  • They receive visitors at unusual times of the day or night
  • A tenant’s curtains or blinds are almost always shut
  • A tenant stops leaving their house
  • Suspicious smells coming from the property
  • An increase in anti-social behaviour around the property

Report any concerns to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111


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