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Alderney Orchard play park

Existing Alderney play area pic

Why is PHP installing a new playground?

The existing play area at the end of Belben Road is coming to the end of its functional life, and is old fashioned and unattractive.

The potential options were to refurbish the existing equipment, build a new play area at the same location, or build a new play area elsewhere.

Through consultation it was recognised that many residents didn’t use the existing play area as they were unhappy with the location, and that the equipment was not much fun to play with. The decision was made between PHP, the Borough of Poole, and local residents to install a new play area at the end of Bedford Road North.

To cover the cost of the new playground, we have been awarded a fantastic £90,488 funding from three different sources:

  • £48,518 - SITA Trust

  • £30,000 - PHP Reinvestment Panel

  • £11,970 - Section 106 funding

Where will the playground be?

It will be on the area of PHP owned land to the left of Bedford Road North turning circle, next to the community garden and the subway.

New Alderney play area site pic







What equipment will be installed?

There will be a tunnel mound, agility trail, climbing frame, team swing, normal set of swings, various seesaw and rocking items, and talk tubes.

There will also be a bench and a dual use dog fouling and rubbish bin by the side of the pavement.

Play equipment pic










Have local residents been consulted about the playground?

Yes – there was a large amount of consultation in 2011 around the preferred location of a play area and the types of equipment children want to play on. There was further consultation in 2014 to choose the equipment by the local children.

When is work due to start?

Work started Monday 29th June and is due to take four weeks. However, this will depend on the weather.

The equipment is due to be installed within the next week. Surfacing, a new pathway, fencing and signs will follow.

When will the playground be open?

There will be an official opening on Thursday 6th August at 4.00pm.

Who can I contact if I have any queries?

Environmental Development Team, BCP Council, telephone 01202 123123

Alderney play park plan


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