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Introductory tenancies

Introductory tenancies


What is an ‘introductory’ tenancy?

Introductory tenancies (sometimes known as ‘starter’ tenancies) will be issued to new PHP residents when you first move in to your home. Your tenancy is reviewed after 12 months, and providing you have satisfactorily maintained it during that time, it will automatically be converted to a ‘secure’ tenancy.

Why are introductory tenancies being brought in?

Introductory tenancies are used by the majority of social landlords. A lot of residents have asked us to consider bringing them in, so we're pleased to say work is well underway to introduce the same process at PHP.  

What does “satisfactorily maintained” mean?

Essentially, it means doing the things we expect to you to do to maintain your tenancy, including paying your rent on time and keeping your home in a good condition. Read more about tenancy agreements.  

What’s the difference between an ‘introductory’ and ‘secure’ tenancy?

A introductory tenancy is usually issued for 12 months; it will become a secure tenancy automatically, providing you have satisfactorily maintained your tenancy during this time.  

Can introductory tenancies be extended?

Yes. If we have reason to believe your tenancy isn't being satisfactorily maintained, we may extend your introductory tenancy by six months. We will then take the decision whether to convert your introductory tenancy to a secure tenancy, or end your tenancy. 

What rights do residents with introductory tenancies have?

You will have the same rights as residents with secure tenancies, but restrictions will apply regarding right-to-buy and mutual exchange applications and the ability to make changes to your home.

How will introductory tenancies work?

Once you have satisfactorily maintained your tenancy for 12 months, it will automatically be converted to a secure tenancy, meaning you won't need to sign a new agreement.

Will the change affect me?

Only new PHP residents (i.e. those who are moving into a Borough of Poole home for the first time) and residents who are moving home will be issued with introductory tenancies. If you are an existing PHP resident who does not plan on moving, you won’t be affected by the change.

What are the benefits of introductory tenancies?

Experience has shown that introductory tenancies encourage residents to look after their homes and respect their neighbourhoods. They will also allow us to emphasise the value of secure tenancies as something to aspire towards during the first 12 months.  

If I had an introductory tenancy, would I be allowed to have pets?

Yes, up to a maximum of three (excluding goldfish!) We will, of course, expect you to exert proper care and control over your pets during your tenancy. 

Will introductory tenancies reduce ASB?

We hope introductory tenancies will help residents understand their responsibilities with regard to their behaviour, as well as help us provide more assistance to residents who need our support. Other housing providers have reported a reduction in ASB after bringing introductory tenancies in.

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