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Garden tips February 2021

User AvatarPosted by Jim Eady on 01/02/2021 12:03:51

Spring is on its way, so let’s get ready for the gardening season!

Prune winter-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering. Cut back and prune climbing shrubs and clean up all grass areas. Prepare your seed vegetable bed and sow some undercover for an early harvest.

Divide bulbs once winter growth has finished: As the bulbs will be more spread out from when they were originally planted, start digging a few inches away from the plant and avoid pulling the bulbs out by their foliage. Divide the bulbs by carefully pulling them from the base of the plant. The larger the small offset bulbs are, the sooner they will flower.

Here's a handy tip from PHP! To help stop birds eating the blossom on your fruit trees and something you’ll more than likely have in your home, hang up a few old CD’s (which you no longer listen to), small foil tins or foil strips. As birds don’t like reflective surfaces, these act as a great deterrent.

Happy gardening, James

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