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Report it frequently asked questions


Who do I contact if my rubbish bin is not emptied?

Simply Report It 

What do I do if I see fly tipped waste in my community?

If it is on PHP maintained land contact the Estates Team on  

0800 6523 900.

If it is anywhere else in the Borough - Report It

How do I get dog mess on pavements and roads removed?

Click on the Report It link


Who do I report problems on the road to?

Report it will take you to road and pavement obstructions

How do I report a problem with a street light?

Click the Report it link

Who should I inform about pot-holes?

Click the Report it link

How would I report problems with vegetation over-hanging pavements and roads?

Click the Report it link

Animal Issues

What do I do about horses on Council land?

Click on the Report it link

What do I do about stray dogs?

Click on the Report it link

What do I do if I am worried that an animal is not being looked after?

Go to animal welfare

How can I find out about pet micro-chipping?

Find out here

Go to...