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Housing Management Review

Housing management review

What's happening and why

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Your homes are owned by the Borough of Poole and the Council has a contract with PHP to manage them, including managing tenancies and dealing with anti-social behaviour, carrying out repairs and improvements and working with you to improve your neighbourhoods.

PHP is working closely with the council on a review of how housing services will be carried out in the future and the council will be looking at delivery models to identify the most cost-effective model to deliver housing management services. This would decide whether PHP will continue to deliver housing services in some form, or they should be brought back ‘in house’ to be delivered by the Council.

The Council has asked a consultancy company Campbell Tickell to help them make this decision and a key part of the work they will do, will include talking to residents to hear your views. PHP’s involved residents have already been discussing this review and have asked the Council lots of important questions. If you would like to see the questions and answers you will find them here. 

As part of the process, PHP residents are invited to have their say by completing a 3 question survey. You can either complete this online here or print out the PDF on the right of this page. 

Please note that the deadline for responses is Wednesday 26th July.   

Your feedback matters, so if you have any questions or comments about this review, please contact Gail Percival, Neighbourhoods and Communities Manager or Sandra Willson, Resident Involvement Co-ordinator on 0800 6523 900.

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